What does radical self-acceptance look like to me?

Brooke Davis — One Tree Hill

Oh to be soft.

  • Someone small, cute, wholesome.
  • Vulnerable. And personally, vulnerability leaves room for too much disrespect.

Embracing softness: In the Physical.

Some would say I’m striking. I am 5’9 (6 foot in my buffaloes aka Stompers though, hehe) but the most noticeable thing most would say is the complete bald-headedness. A creative writing exercise on language last year echoed this. Tasked with describing people, I was hit with words and phrases like ‘rebellious’, ‘making a deliberate statement’, ‘defiant’. These are some of the mellow, interesting ones though; many a comment has been made but I will not repeat unwarranted sentiments. I don’t think those listed are necessarily bad but clearly, I have an image. Softness apparently does not seem to fit into that. And yet, it does.

Embracing softness: Of the self

Please note: Below is short spew of words and images to express my sentiments.

It is what it is.



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